How to watch NBA live on TV? – The 5 best live stream sites in 2022

NBA 2022 live

If you want to know about NBA, and how to watch NBA live on TV, here is your perfect place!

The NBA is one of the main professional basketball league in the United States and Canada, with 30 teams. It is the world’s best men’s pro basketball league.

The NBA has not only used social media to expand its global fan base over the last decade. It has taken advantage of opportunities that other leagues have either squandered or declined entirely.

When it comes to NBA team popularity, California is miles ahead of the rest, with two of its four franchises firmly at the top. The Golden State Warriors have won five of the last seven NBA Championship finals, so it’s no surprise. The top five NBA teams are the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, and Chicago Bulls. Also, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Stephen Curry are some of the NBA All-Stars you may have heard of.

Top 5 websites to watch NBA live on TV in 2022


watch nba live match

I’ve had a subscription for a year and it’s one of the best values for online live sports and entertainment. The basic $12 Bingsport plan for a month includes basketball coverage from several other channels. Actually, compared to other streaming websites, you can see that the price Bingsport charge you is extremely cheap, though providing great streaming quality.

In addition, signing up for a 3-month or 1-year plan is preferable for long-term savings. The 3-month plan will save you 50% and will cost you only $6 per month. The 1-year plan would save you 59 percent for only $5 every month. Furthermore, Bingsport updated some new features to improve the user experience, such as: the screen minimization which allows you to watch the live game while switching to other tabs; and the add to favorite feature which helps to summarize the matches of your favorite team.

Also, Bingsport provides a 10-minute free trial, allowing you to test the service and watch NBA games online for free. In general, is a good and creditable site where you can watch NBA live match.

FuboTV is the greatest site to watch live basketball on TV. Fubo seems to be the only streaming service that includes ESPN and NBA TV in its base bundle. Fubo has also just revealed intentions to expand its channel selection to include ABC. In addition to NBA coverage, fuboTV offers almost 100 live TV channels, and its $64.99 family subscription includes FS1, NFL Network, Golf Channel, and others.

Fubo allows you to view the video on your phone, tablet, or television, and the family plan allows you to watch live TV on 3 devices at the same time. A monthly membership also includes 250 hours of cloud DVR recording, which is useful if you want to record a game to watch later.

Fubo is now giving a 7-day free trial. Get the discount here to give the service a try for yourself. You may cancel at any moment.

Fox Sports

You don’t need cable to get the most out of NBA streaming. Channel is available on a number of popular live TV streaming and on-demand video services. Without a cable subscription, you can now stream NBA games online.

Through its network, FS1, Fox Sports broadcasts regionally in the United States and nationally in select games. Through its other sister network, FS2, it also broadcasts national coverage of select games. Live games can be streamed to your mobile device or smart TV using the Fox Sports app.

This website has a long history and a solid reputation. It also has a large number of NBA streams, making it an excellent choice for watching NBA games from anywhere in the world.

All major sporting events, including NBA basketball, NCAA college basketball, and many others, are live-streamed on Fox Sports.

Stream2Watch is a popular online streaming service that offers live feeds, streams, and broadcasts of a variety of televised sporting events. Basketball is one of the main sports covered.

This website is compatible with both mobile and desktop devices, and it is completely free of charge. It provides high-definition live sports streaming in HD. Given that this is a free site, the overall quality, including audio, is good. Having said that, nothing is completely free, as you will be bombarded with advertisements.

For popular events, multiple streams are available, so availability is rarely an issue. Stream2watch has also added a live group chat feature, allowing users to converse with one another while watching live events from around the world.

NBAStream is solely dedicated to NBA games. Their layout is clean and well-organized based on your favorite sports teams. You can select your team and be taken to a new page where the video will be loaded. A new screen will appear when you click the Play icon.

If you’re visiting for the first time, you’ll need to create a FREE account by entering your email address and password. Even though this is a free access membership account, you will be required to provide your credit card information after that. Again, you must decide whether or not you are comfortable with this.

Overall, this appears to be a legitimate website, although you should always exercise caution when visiting free websites.

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Basketball, or NBA in particular, is famous for its thrilling, fierce games. If you want to know about a paid website, or a free one to watch NBA live in UK, consider the options above.

I hope my article on the top 5 popular websites to stream NBA is useful to your decision! Join for more information of live sports streaming websites.

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